OHPT: Thoughts on Omniscience (Chapter 6)

Ooooo this chapter is bringing me BACK. My first real undergraduate philosophy class was on the Problem of Evil, and I wrote my paper on theories of God's omniscience. At the time I found my conclusion frustratingly trite and non-philosophical ("there is no good explanation for how we can retain freedom and God's omnibenevolence and … Continue reading OHPT: Thoughts on Omniscience (Chapter 6)

OHPT: Theology and Mystery (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 is "Theology and Mystery" by William J. Wainwright. Wainwright is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Philosophy with University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His research focused on the philosophy of religion and theology in the 17th and 18th centuries. He definitely has "philosophy of religion" credentials, as evidenced by the books he has authored. I was … Continue reading OHPT: Theology and Mystery (Chapter 4)

OHPT: Revelation and Inspiration (Chapter 2)

"Revelation and Inspiration" by Stephen T. Davis Dr. Davis is Emeritus Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy in the Religious Studies department at Claremont McKenna College. His expertise is in Analytic Theology, Christian Thought, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Religion. In this article, Dr. Davis examines what Christians mean, and what they can mean, by the … Continue reading OHPT: Revelation and Inspiration (Chapter 2)

OHPT: Authority of Scripture, Tradition, and the Church (Chapter 1)

In order to stay honest and accountable, I have decided to make a blog series of my notes and thoughts on each of the chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology. I want to use this space as a place to work out my questions, my agreements, my dissatisfactions, my counterpoints, and my realizations. … Continue reading OHPT: Authority of Scripture, Tradition, and the Church (Chapter 1)