SEP, what do you want from me

Ready for a pointless mental wandering that probably interests only me? I PROVIDE. My husband studies SEPs: Solar Energetic Particles. One of my go-to study tools is the SEP: the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Do the letters S, E, and P exhibit some kind of magnetic or guiding power over my life? If I had…More

An ethics course that actually helps people *be* more ethical

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite philosophy tweet follows, Nigel Warburton (@philosophybites), British philosopher and host of the fantastic podcast, Philosophy Bites, tweeted a question (a tweet I can no longer find because I am tech-inept) that was something to the effect of: If you were to teach an ethics class that was…More

Review: The Gettier Problem

I recently reread one of my favorite papers in philosophy, “Is Justified Belief True Knowledge?” by Edmund Gettier. It’s my favorite for two reasons: 1). It challenges a (at the time) long-held definition of what counts as knowledge; and 2). It’s 1.5 pages. One and a half pages! Gettier is nothing if not succinct. Any…More

I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot lately. Is it possible to feel the emotion of gratitude if there is no person, or even no entity, to be grateful toward? Christians would characterize gratitude as a rightly cultivated feeling towards God. Buddhists encourage the cultivation of gratitude, as well, but Buddhists are not theists. Would…More

Grad school thoughts (version 8,347,103)

I think I just live in an existential crisis. Perhaps I am who Sartre had in mind when he said we are condemned to be free?! Probably. He must have been thinking about me. I transcend the boundaries of space and time. Recently my pressing existential questions have been about academia. Do I want to…More

To exist means you can be named

Recently I read Saul Kripke’s absolutely enthralling (for me, anyway) Naming and Necessity. It was fantastic. I enjoyed almost every page. I read it after a healthy dose of Tolkien, and the juxtaposition was perfect — like when I crave something salty after too much sweet. (And vice versa!) Plus, given Tolkien’s obsession with language…More

Thoughts on approaching philosophy

Oh hey, guess what? I like philosophy! I’m taking two classes this next semester, one on early Indian Buddhist philosophy and one on David Hume. Indian Buddhist philosophy is very, very new to me, so it’s been interesting to approach a really new, different philosophy. Interesting and frustrating, as I feel more like I’m intellectually…More

The best things I read in February

How about a listicle to end the month?! WHY NOT. I’d like to start collecting some of the best things I read the previous month. Shameless easy-out on a blog post? MAYBE. Delightful romp through my learnings of the past 30 days? MOST DEFINITELY. Ok, enough shouting. On to the good stuff… what I read…More

In-Between Thoughts 1.14.19 New Beginnings, Old Battles

It’s the start of the busy season! For the gym, that is. So far I haven’t had to wait for any piece of equipment nor has anyone hit me in the face (accidentally or on purpose) with a dumbbell, so I’m happy to welcome the 2019 resolutioners to the awesome-for-your-body work that is weight lifting.…More

Books to read in 2019!

While it’s far too early to figure out where my reading life will take me in 2019, I have several books that I’m excited to read and have a feeling will be particularly impactful. I want to share them here, and look forward to sharing some hopefully thoughtful reviews with you over these next 12…More