In-Between Thoughts 7.1.19:

OH MY GOODNESS when I warmed up for my sumo deadlifts, EVERYTHING IN MY LEGS WAS POPPING. The oldz are slowly taking root in my body. At least it's still able to deadlift like a boss. Onto gym thoughts.... I read a fantastic book last week. The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. It's meant to … Continue reading In-Between Thoughts 7.1.19:


New AOV Episode: Envy/Contentment

We released our 26th episode! HAPPY OFFICIAL ONE YEAR PODIVERSARY TO US. But I already celebrated that enough Tuesday. What I'm thinking about today is how our overall emotional experiences may shift as we age, particularly as regarding envy. As I mentioned in our AOV blog post on Envy/Contentment, there are four kinds of envy. … Continue reading New AOV Episode: Envy/Contentment

Against anxiety: how I’m practicing the present moment

As I mentioned in my post on holiday reading, I end/start every calendar year by reading The Sacrament of the Present Moment by Jean-Pierre de Caussade. It is one of the most profound in-the-daily-living sense books I've read and reading it always stills me and gives me a sense of peace in my midst of my near-constant anxiety. I decided this … Continue reading Against anxiety: how I’m practicing the present moment

Kicking off AOV podcast season 4: Emotions

I'm so excited for the 4th season of And/Or/Versus! Diane and I are going to be tackling a subject very near and dear to my heart: emotions. Specifically, emotions as entry points for understanding ourselves and how we see the world. Listen here: Episode 21: Feeling/Reason We kick off our season with Episode 21: Feeling/Reason … Continue reading Kicking off AOV podcast season 4: Emotions