Still gabbin’, still podcastin’

I am the worst podcaster ever. Diane and I have recorded 6 podcasts since I last updated my podcast page, and I haven't let you all know! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO IN THE ABSENCE OF OUR MELODIOUS GABBING. Your poor, starving ears. So if you're looking for some more explorations about philosophy, theory,… Continue reading Still gabbin’, still podcastin’


Ethics and power in the markeplace

Yesterday it occurred to me that free-market capitalism requires the consumer to be the only ethical player in a rigged, marginalizing system. (I know, dear leftist friends, I'm late to the table again.) Free-market capitalism, with its mantra that "the market will work it out", requires the consumer to play watchdog over companies and corporations,… Continue reading Ethics and power in the markeplace

Realizing and tackling my knee-jerk self-doubt

Well, last night I experienced quite the emotional rollercoaster. Without going into too many uninteresting details, I turned in a small assignment for a philosophy class and thought I got a negative or dismissive response to my work from the professor. While I had felt good about what I submitted, even starting to feel like… Continue reading Realizing and tackling my knee-jerk self-doubt

My favorite podcasts for the thinking life

I recently changed phones and even though technology is amazing and the transfer of data was surprisingly effective (maybe TOO effective... #googleisalwayswatching), my Doggcatcher podcast app and my podcast streams did not survive the switch. I got to spend a delightful few minutes re-subscribing to my favorite podcasts, and thought I would add a list… Continue reading My favorite podcasts for the thinking life

“Do you see me? Am I valuable?”

These last few weeks have revealed to me just how much we are all desperately, subconsciously, aggressively, or fearfully trying to prove to others that we are valuable. I'm surrounded by researchers who want the government or a private funder to find their research valuable enough for financial investment. I'm surrounded by graduate students who… Continue reading “Do you see me? Am I valuable?”