New AOV Episode: Envy/Contentment

We released our 26th episode! HAPPY OFFICIAL ONE YEAR PODIVERSARY TO US. But I already celebrated that enough Tuesday. What I'm thinking about today is how our overall emotional experiences may shift as we age, particularly as regarding envy. As I mentioned in our AOV blog post on Envy/Contentment, there are four kinds of envy. … Continue reading New AOV Episode: Envy/Contentment


Thoughts on approaching philosophy

Oh hey, guess what? I like philosophy! I'm taking two classes this next semester, one on early Indian Buddhist philosophy and one on David Hume. Indian Buddhist philosophy is very, very new to me, so it's been interesting to approach a really new, different philosophy. Interesting and frustrating, as I feel more like I'm intellectually … Continue reading Thoughts on approaching philosophy

Against anxiety: how I’m practicing the present moment

As I mentioned in my post on holiday reading, I end/start every calendar year by reading The Sacrament of the Present Moment by Jean-Pierre de Caussade. It is one of the most profound in-the-daily-living sense books I've read and reading it always stills me and gives me a sense of peace in my midst of my near-constant anxiety. I decided this … Continue reading Against anxiety: how I’m practicing the present moment

Kicking off AOV podcast season 4: Emotions

I'm so excited for the 4th season of And/Or/Versus! Diane and I are going to be tackling a subject very near and dear to my heart: emotions. Specifically, emotions as entry points for understanding ourselves and how we see the world. Listen here: Episode 21: Feeling/Reason We kick off our season with Episode 21: Feeling/Reason … Continue reading Kicking off AOV podcast season 4: Emotions