And/Or/Versus Episode 2: Anxiety/Peace

Episode 2, on Anxiety/Peace, is out! Check it out on our website or wherever you get your podcasts for maximum listening and theorizing enjoyment.


When self-care sucks

As I dragged my tired butt out of bed at 5am this morning to get in a 30-minute sweat-fest before work, I realized how long it's been since I was in a workout groove. I haven't worked out consistently in months, which is a huge aberration from my norm. I love working out. It makes… Continue reading When self-care sucks

Realizing and tackling my knee-jerk self-doubt

Well, last night I experienced quite the emotional rollercoaster. Without going into too many uninteresting details, I turned in a small assignment for a philosophy class and thought I got a negative or dismissive response to my work from the professor. While I had felt good about what I submitted, even starting to feel like… Continue reading Realizing and tackling my knee-jerk self-doubt

My favorite podcasts for the thinking life

I recently changed phones and even though technology is amazing and the transfer of data was surprisingly effective (maybe TOO effective... #googleisalwayswatching), my Doggcatcher podcast app and my podcast streams did not survive the switch. I got to spend a delightful few minutes re-subscribing to my favorite podcasts, and thought I would add a list… Continue reading My favorite podcasts for the thinking life

“Do you see me? Am I valuable?”

These last few weeks have revealed to me just how much we are all desperately, subconsciously, aggressively, or fearfully trying to prove to others that we are valuable. I'm surrounded by researchers who want the government or a private funder to find their research valuable enough for financial investment. I'm surrounded by graduate students who… Continue reading “Do you see me? Am I valuable?”

Why publishing my book didn’t make me happier (and how I dealt with the tears and fears)

Today I cried. "Sobbed" might be a better word. And while crying is not unusual for me (I will even cry at commercials, and not just the ASPCA kind), these tears were different. They felt like they were pulled from my deepest insecurities and spilled my emotional guts all over my work desk and my… Continue reading Why publishing my book didn’t make me happier (and how I dealt with the tears and fears)