I wrote a book! You can buy it and read it and everything!

Images of God, by Jana M. Light


“For as much as humans know about the world and the forces moving the universe, we still have so much to learn about ourselves. In Images of God, Jana Light tackles the oft-asked question of what it means to be authentic in a fresh, comprehensive look at the elements making up ourselves, the world, and our relationships. In doing so, she emphasizes how living a life of listening, learning, and loving enables us to grow into our Real selves while also taking seriously our responsibility to love and respect truth and other human beings wherever we find them. It is a story of Goodness and Truth that challenges how we see ourselves and how we see others, ultimately challenging us to love in a way that breaks open our narrow worldviews and self-centered tribalism.”

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In addition to being honored that you would read it, I would also love to hear what you think–what the ideas make you think or feel, what resonated with you, what you REALLY disagree with, what you think I may have missed, all of it. Authenticity is an on-going process of discovery, and the conversation should be, as well.

If after reading it and thinking about it, and you are so inclined, I’d love if you left a review on Amazon. Reviews give other potential readers an idea of what is in the book and how they might respond to it. And of course, if you really like it, please spread the word to your friends and family. A book is a happier thing the more readers it has.

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