Rejecting Paulianity

After the recent Roy Moore allegations and the Moore-supportive stances of some members of the Republican party and evangelical church, it has never been more clear to me how so much of the American Christian church is morally and ethically bankrupt. The church is failing its people, is failing the poor and the suffering. It…More

The freedom of “I don’t know”

We are a culture of certainty. We don’t know much about what we believe or why, but we are certain that we do believe things and we will assert those beliefs with certainty, with conviction, even with aggression. We applaud those who have firm, set opinions and tend to look down on those who don’t…More

How to spend a long weekend on Oahu

And now for something completely different! A dear friend of mine visited us on O’ahu a few weeks ago, and we packed so much into three short days and I took so many pictures that I thought it could be a good opportunity to share my recommendations for visiting this lovely little spot in the…More


Part of the book I’m writing focuses on friendship and what friendship means for our sense of self and our “becoming Authentic.” One thing I keep coming back to is the value of having friends who think or believe differently than we do. Friendships are grown out of discovered shared interests, but of course we…More

Emotions and authenticity

Whoosh, what an emotional week this has been. Due to events that I can’t talk about in this space, I am struggling mightily with what feels like ALL the negative emotions: frustration, anger, depression, anxiety, F*CKTHISSH*TIMOUTOFHEREitis, you name it. I’m not always sure what to think about emotions, but I am trying to manage them…More

School is for learning, not performing

Right now my husband and I are in Hawaii so he can get his PhD in physics. While this is great for him, it has posed some, shall we say, frustrations for me. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that due to the high cost of living here and crappy job market…More

Resurrecting the seeming-dead (and a thought moment!)

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? So…. I have a blog. And haven’t written in it for over a year. People, THIS IS WHAT WRITING A BOOK DOES TO YOU. Sadly, this blog is not the only thing I’ve neglected over the past year, but let’s not talk about my mental well-being or the…More

This is my body

I’ve been thinking a lot about who we are as a whole self — not just soul, but body. How is our physicality connected to who we authentically are? 21st century Christians are often brought up in the Neoplatonic school of thought that claims the physical is ephemeral and confining, something to be shed so the spiritual…More

Review: To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink

I am a fundraiser. This is not an easy career for me, nor did I intentionally fall into it, and the necessities of the job often chafe against my natural inclinations and passions. I find fundraising to be incredibly important and fulfilling work, however, so I am trying to learn not only how to do it…More

The importance of HOW we think

On the whole, humans are a remarkably thought-full species. Our capacity for complex, creative, projecting, and purposeful thought is astounding, and is the substance of our engagement and interaction with the world. Without our minds, we would receive data through our bodily senses, but make no judgments or attachments beyond raw instinct. My cat does…More