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Each episode we examine a topic through the lens of academic philosophy and our lived experience. It’s our attempt to contribute to the public discourse in a thoughtful and positive way. Join us as we take on life’s big questions with curiosity and humor!

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Season 4 — Emotions

Episode 24: Happiness/Pleasure

Episode 23: Shame/Guilt

Episode 22: Anger/Compassion

Episode 21: Feelings/Reason

Season 3 — Holidays

Episode 20: Interlude (Holidays)

Episode 19: Past/Present/Future

Episode 18: Generosity/Obligation

Episode 17: Gratitude/Guilt

Season 2 — Metaphysics

Episode 16: Interlude (Metaphysics)

Episode 15: Mind/Body

Episode 14: Space/Time

Episode 13: Optimism/Pessimism

Episode 12: Endurance/Perdurance/Exdurance

Episode 11: Essential/Accidental

Episode 10: Actuality/Potentiality

Episode 9: Beginning/End

Episode 8: Interlude — Existentialism

Season 1 — Existentialism

Episode 7: Self/No Self

Episode 6: Social Self/Essential Self

Episode 5: Honesty/Kindness

Episode 4: Self/Others

Episode 3: Social Meaning/Personal Meaning

Episode 2: Anxiety/Peace

Episode 1: Authenticity/Inauthenticity

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