Reviewed (OHPT)

Collection of my posts on the Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology

Why this project?

Chapter 1: Thoughts on “Authority of Scripture, Tradition, and the Church” by Richard Swinburne

Chapter 2: Thoughts on “Revelation and Inspiration” by Stephen T. Davis

Chapter 3: Thoughts on “Science and Religion” by Del Ratzsch

Chapter 4: Thoughts on “Theology and Mystery” by William J. Wainwright

Chapter 5: Thoughts on “Simplicity and Aseity” by Jeffrey E. Brower

Chapter 6: Thoughts on “Omniscience” by Edward Wierenga

Chapter 7: Thoughts on “Divine Eternity” by William Craig

Chapter 8: Thoughts on “Omnipotence” by Brian Leftow

Chapter 9: Thoughts on “Omnipresence” by Hud Hudson

Chapter 10: Thoughts on “Moral Perfection” by Laura L. Garcia

Chapter 11: Thoughts on “Divine Action and Evolution” by Robin Collins

Chapter 12: Thoughts on “Divine Providence” by Thomas P. Flint

Chapter 13: Thoughts on “Petitionary Prayer” by Scott A. Davison

Halfway point! Thoughts on “Thoughts on” series

Chapter 14: Thoughts on “Morality and Divine Authority” by Mark C. Murphy

Chapter 15: Thoughts on “The Problem of Evil” by Paul Draper

Chapter 16: Thoughts on “Theodicy” by Michael J. Murray

Chapter 17: Thoughts on “Skeptical Theism and the Problem of Evil” by Michael Bergmann